Embark On Your Digital 4.0 Journey

Boost competitiveness in the market. Harness the power of digitalisation & integration of data that unleash the full potential of the key marketing mix in your business: your people and your product.

Enterprises Resources Planning

Every business has its unique operation flow, Activ8te is fully-customizable to reinvent your business software the way you like to run your business.

Business Intelligence

Efficiently retrieve and analyze your business metrics. Customize company reporting, real time analysis and generate various simulations that generate the most relevant data turn into actionable business decisions.


Engage your customers anytime by creating a conversational experience in any channels. Craft your company voice and automate the standard operating procedures that speed up customers resolutions & increase sales conversions.

Augmented Reality

Showcase your products & concept to the eyes of your audience. Create impactful visual & impression beyond boundaries and creativity.

Cloud Computing

Secured, reliable data space for your IT infrastructure

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